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  • Several character classes: Fighter, Barbarian, Mage, Cleric, Ranger and Vampire
  • Multiple Continents allowing you to manage and build several kingdoms
  • Unique units to each class
  • Unique commands to each class. Examples: Barbarians can sack cities, Mages can cast spells
  • Some Classes allow offical alliances
  • Player Vs Player combat
  • NPC Quest Characters
  • Heros the player can aquire to add their specific skill to the kingdom
  • Artifacts the player can aquire which can apply modifiers to aspects of the game
  • Naval combat, transportation and invasion
  • Several quest commands to seek items, fight barbarian hordes, joust or aquire heros
  • City markets to buy and sell items
  • Secret cities that sell special unique items
  • Mystics and barmaids who can provide helpful information to the player
  • Configurable kingdom names and win messages to show your personality to the enemy